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Why PR is dead simple (if you're clever)


Gunnar Lott (Visibility Communications)
Carolin Stephan (Visibility Communications)

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<p>Don&#39;t believe anyone telling you that PR is a complicated thing and best left to experts. Good PR comes easy, if you have interesting things to tell -- and follow a few simple rules in telling them. Gunnar Lott, PR specialist, podcaster, author and journalist, explores the secrets of effective, yet simple Public Relations, giving solid advice for companies big and small. Also, there will be free chocolate.</p>
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Everyone interested in Communications. The talk fits small business owners as well as marketing specialists and even PR specialists might learn a thing or two.

PR is simple (if you do it cleverly).
Good PR follows clear rules, like all communication.
It pays to think about PR, even if you're a developer.
Hands-on best practice examples.

Free chocolate.

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R2 Moskau2 (OG)

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