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Video Games in MENA: where Cultural Heritage meets Game Business


Susan Tackenberg (Susan Tackenberg Media & Communications Consultant)
Ryan Riegg (Na3m Games LLC)
Ahmed Alsafar (Play 3arabi)
Abdullah Hamed (GameTako)
Caglar Eger (Goodgame Studios )

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The MENA region is populated by people who are hugely enthusiastic about playing games, especially online. There are over 90 Million internet users in the Middle East alone, but only a handful of companies based in the region who are actually involved in making games. What are the reasons behind this and what is being done to develop the games industry in the region? Can we expect Arab games to be exported to the rest of the world – and when? And what about gamification? With only 15% of Middle East businesses having a presence in the internet, how can this tremendous opportunity for growth be developed?
Audience adressed: 
European developers and publishers looking to set up partnerships or start-ups in the MENA region, localization providers, companies or individuals interested in being part of the development of the games industry in the region.

Expect to leave the discussion with a better understanding of the cultural and economic issues that define games and the games industry in the MENA region, and its developments for the future. For those companies interested in expansion into the region, it will give a clearer picture of effective approaches and some initial contacts.

Session Type: 
Biz Development
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R2 Moskau2 (OG)

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