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UX testing on a budget (10:00-12:45)


Jochen Peketz (Blue Byte GmbH)

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<p>Jochen is going to take you on a small trip through user testing. In a condensed session you are going to learn, try and feel how UX can be improved with the help of User testing. 3 parts are going to prepare you for testing on a budget. Part one will be a short overview how to do user testing. Part two is a classical hands on session to see how a user test is done with a following discussion of pitfalls, problems and achievements. This will be done on concrete examples from the test that took place right before. Part three is another hands on, now we will work on specific tasks that can be generated from the observations of the test. A final discussion with examples from the session will follow. Please bring along your laptop to use it in the workshop, and don´t forget your power cord. Please register here for the workshop!</p>
Audience adressed: 
Producers: interested in improving UX and User Testing. Game Designers: to see which insights might come up fromUser Testing. Test Teams: either classical QA or User testing to get a notion how it works

Participants will be able to run small User Tests on a budget and to improve their games with tests.
Producers will have a notion what is possible. As they know the methodology afterwards they get a feeling how to apply it to projects they do.

Concrete take aways:

- How to prepare a session
- Do's and dont's for test sessions
- How to create improvements from a test

Session Type: 
Game Design
Experience level adressed: 
R3 Sputnik 2 (UG)

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