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User acquisition costs on the rise – control your cost position


Alexander Piutti (GameGenetics GmbH)

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<p>The competition for gamers is on: The iOS App Store offers more than 140.000 games, and the amount of MMOs and browser games available for free is staggering. Getting noticed in this increasingly competitive marketplace is a challenge for indie developers and big publishers alike. With user acquisition costs on the rise, marketing for games has to adapt. Marketing spend is largely outpacing consumer spend - for 99% of game companies, especially smaller and indie developers, that&rsquo;s a problem. Effective user acquisition must therefore take a multi-channel approach and consider the expected lifetime value of the user in order to achieve positive ROIs &ndash; a complex and challenging feat. As user acquisition experts, GameGenetics is running campaigns globally for the biggest names in the industry. As such, we can share some insights into how to set up successful campaigns and what data needs to be tracked in order to win the battle for the right users and at the same time control your cost position. The session will provide a comprehensive overview of new approaches required for successful marketing campaigns, based on consolidated market data.</p>
Audience adressed: 
Developers and publishers of all sizes

Attendees will gain an overview of the status quo in game distribution as well as different acquisition methods and their advantages for specific regions with examples of different sources and their typical quality in terms of paying users, user activity etc..

Session Type: 
Biz Development
Experience level adressed: 
R5 Vilnius (OG)

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