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Understanding Volumetric Effects


Prof. Dr. Christof Rezk-Salama (Trier University of Applied Sciences, GERMANY)

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<p>Most 3D graphics used in computer games are polygon-based. This talk gives an introduction to volume effects, which use different physical models of light transport compared to surface rendering. Volumetric effects account for light travelling in participating media, such as smoke, fog and fire, including absorption and scattering. The couse aims at creating a thorough understanding for procedural volumetric effects, how to create them and display them in real-time. The talk covered insights from different fields aside of game development, including scientific visualization. Among other things, the talk will explain how to display fluid effects as implicit surfaces.</p>
Audience adressed: 
The target audience comprises graphics programmers as well as artists, who are interested in understanding both the theoretical and practical aspects of volumetric effects. Participants are assumed to have a working knowledge in traditional computer graphics, i.e. polygon based methods. A brief introduction on the important prerequisites will be given in the talk. A background in maths or computer science is required to fully understand the technical details, but not necessarily required.

Attendees will acquire a basic understanding of physical models for light transport. They will be able to create physically plausible volumetric effects and implicit surfaces representations, and integrate them into their own work, i.e. using commodity game engines. The presentation is likely to inspire new ideas for visual representation of objects. Participants learn how to model fuzzy procedural objects and fluid effects in real-time.

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R4 Bischkek (EG)

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