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A turn based strategy game on the mobile market in unity: a post mortem?


Bernhard Ewers (instance four)

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<p>The Ah&#39;s and Oh&#39;s about a nearly finished one-year unity project for the mobile market. Learn how to setup a robust and flexible framework to stand the test of metrics input. Which will come and change everything you thought it was fix. See how to build and design a turn-based game in a heavy action driven environment. What went right and what went wrong. Funny and sad stories of a recent development. Learn how to be fast. And I mean fast. And why it will not be fast enough. See why a finished, near bug free, beautiful designed game, nice looking and loved be the testers was not published and why this was a right decision.</p>
Audience adressed: 
Software developer, Designer, Team lead.

reality insights about a recent mobile game development

Session Type: 
Game Design
Experience level adressed: 
R4 Bischkek (EG)

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