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The Third Generation of Mobile Games: The Network Is The Game


Robert Tercek (Milestone Entertainment)

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In the near future, mobile games will expand beyond the confines of the phone to connect with the world around us. This talk will illustrate how recent advances in smart devices will expand the canvas for game design massively. During the past 15 years, mobile phones have evolved rapidly, from primitive black-and-white screens and weak processors to modern smart phones. This talk will show how game designs and business models have evolved along with the device. Now the smart phone is poised to become the ignition key for the Internet of Things, and game play will expand beyond the small screen across the full matrix of networked devices that surround us: smart homes, smart appliances, wearable devices. This talk will also explore the future evolution of the Quantified Self trend and game-based marketing.
Audience adressed: 
Game designers, game developers, game publishers, designers and artists of all sorts, and all attendees with a general interest in the future of smart devices, the Internet of Things and game-based marketing.

The audience will gain insight into emerging technology trends and next-generation devices and an understanding of the business models and user dynamics that will shape the future of mobile gameplay.

Session Type: 
Biz Development
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