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Michael Hug (TON & SPOT audiodesign)

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<p>You know it: Your game needs sound! Everybody knows that, right? But do you really KNOW? And why? Furthermore: Why bother beyond bare minimum when most users of your smashing f2p-title mute the sound anyway?... We'll covers various aspects of sound design with a strong focus on user retention and (ultimately) monetization. Understand how good sound design works and why it keeps players playing your game! Discover how lessons learned from from years of sound development for various game genres will improve the performance of your f2p or mobile game!</p>
Audience adressed: 
Game designers, product owners, sound managers, etc., some prior development experience helpful but not necessary.

Understand the basics of sonic perception. Identify key factors for the best possible sound design for your game. Comprehend the sound design process and learn how to communicate your vision to the sound designer. Get a grip on evaluating poor sound design and develop efficient counter measures. Bottom line: Save development cost and increase your game's performance.

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R4 Bischkek (EG)

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