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Smash Hits of Unfair Marketing or What I should not do when marketing my Game


Kai Bodensiek (Brehm & v. Moers)

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<p>The games industry's evolution has made games available everywhere, using every display method and hardware. App stores are bursting and publishers and developers are competing for customer awareness. Not only have the major publishers with their large marketing departments but also smaller developers now entered the stage marketing their products. As the competition grows harder, marketing will need to be more aggressive, tracking needs to become better and sometimes compliance with unfair trade provisions is lost out of sight. The German High Court recently ruled against Gameforge and found one of their marketing campaigns to be in breach of such unfair trade provisions; mainly because of they in the opinion of the court directly solicited their goods to children. This case was covered by most papers and magazines in Germany and also raised attention abroad. Such cases are often expensive and in many cases bad PR comes along for free. In order to avoid the most common problem this session will cover the “smash hits” of unfair trade provisions that are most relevant for games advertising and possible enable the participants to avoid such mistakes. The session will in most cases also be based on European provisions, so that most examples are not specific for Germany but are applicable in all EU member states.</p>
Audience adressed: 
CEOs, marketing deparments of publishers as well as self publishing developers as well as web and game designers

Raising the awareness of the limits in advertising as far as unfair trade provisions are concerned, enabling the audience to find new creative ways to market their products in compliance with European provisions.

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R5 Vilnius (OG)

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