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Tobias Mannewitz (KARAKTER)

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<p>In the late 90ies, videogame graphics inspired the use of previz for blockbuster moviemaking, to improve creative and cost control for ever more challenging VFX shots. In 2014, AAA videogame graphics are more refined than ever, but are struggling with similar issues the movie business had to deal with 15 years earlier: Increasing expectations and high costs that make every downstream change of course a financial hazard. Is there something to be learned from the movie previz workflow in the field of AAA production? Can Previz help to improve visual design and producing quality for video games? In other words: Can we bring previz back home? Berlin based Design Studio KARAKTER demonstrates the blessings and challenges of this workflow with examples from Killzone: Shadow Fall and more.</p>
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Art Directors / Producers of AAA games and people interested in the current challenges of AAA production.

How Previz changed the movie industry
How Previz for videogames differs from movie previz
What Previz for videogames can do that other methods can't do
Identify whether Previz is a valuable addition to your project or not

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R4 Bischkek (EG)

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