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PR-Lessons learned: The Best and Worst of Crowdfunding Campaigns


Heiko Klinge (Webedia Gaming)

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<p>The big Kickstarter gold rush is said to be over. Still, Kingdom Come managed to crush its Kickstarter goal of 300,000 £ within 36 hours and getting media coverage all over the globe. There are very good reasons for that. And there are also very good reasons why other ambitious campaigns failed miserably, without anyone even noticing. The session will point out obvious and not so obvious mistakes as well as best practice examples and also share some clever little tricks that are easy to copy. Since basically most of these examples are about marketing and communication, this talk is not only for those who evaluate doing a crowdfunding project, but essentially everyone who has to deal with corporate or project PR.</p>
Audience adressed: 
Basically everyone who is interested in Crowdfunding, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Community Management, Games Media and Psychology.

- How to prepare, design and communicate a crowdfunding campaign
- How to build and maintain an authentic corporate identy
- Why some things get viral and other's don't
- How the media decides what is hot and what is not

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R2 Asgabat 1 (EG)

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