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Planning creativity in game projects


Marek Ziemak (11 bit studios)

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Marek Ziemak, Senior producer at 11 bit studios will have a look at the problem of forming a creativity friendly environment. Something that seems absolutely essential in game development, an industry driven by new ideas and innovative technology. The session will feature topics like “What is creativity and when is it needed”, “When can we benefit from creativity and when should we limit it”, „How to prepare your pipelines for creative work”, “How not to demotivate your team and stop being a toxic leader”.
Audience adressed: 
- Managers, producers, team leaders - Creative personnel - Indie Developers - Journalists - Everyone interested in game development

This presentation will encourage you to think about your organization once again. It might not give you a silver bullet solving all your problems, but it might highlight the ones most important for your team.

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R6 Tallinn (OG)

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