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An overview: Development tools that make your life easier


Kai Rosenkranz (Nevigo)

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The session will give the audience an overview of software tools used in game design, writing and production, from established solutions to insiders' tips. Some of the tools that will be covered: Hansoft, Jira, Confluence, Tactic, Shotgun, Redmine, Chatmapper, articy:draft, yEd, Machinations, Google. With the help of opinions from industry professionals and personal experience, the session will shed light onto the pros and cons of certain tools. The idea is not to explain and rate all tools, but to provide a big-picture overview of the tool landscape in the design, writing and production field, and to inspire the audience to check out some of the tools they haven't heard about. Each tool is covered in ~3 minutes. Game engines and middleware will not be covered.
Audience adressed: 
- Producers / project managers, specifically interested in: Task management / SCRUM / agile development / tracking / design documentation - Designers, specifically interested in: Design documentation / flowcharting / mind mapping / ideation / writing

- A list of production / design tools "I'll definitely have to check out".
- The feeling that "My everyday life can become so much easier".
- Good reasons why a certain tool should be purchased to convince decision-makers.

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R6 Tallinn (OG)

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