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A not so serious game - multiplayer game table for a national museum


Sebastian Mittag (Studio Fizbin GmbH)
Alexander Pieper (Studio Fizbin)
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The year 1648: after 30 years of cruel battles and four years of negotiations, the Peace of Westphalia ends Europe’s most devastating war. Studio Fizbin translated these negotiations into a multiplayer game mechanic and built a 10qm sized game-table for the National Museum Muenster. This serious game was supposed to be fun to play and easy to learn, while teaching the basic principles of multilateral negotiations. That sounds like an irresolvable contradiction! - A project breakdown.
Audience adressed: 
This talk is interesting for Game Designers, Serious Game Developers and Technical Directors / Programmers

How can I approach a serious topic and translate it into a game mechanic, which is fun to play? What where the technical challenges in a tight production schedule, where everything is custom build and custom programmed? What´s the difference between a tablet-game and a 10qm game-table standing in a room.

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Culture / Science / Education
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R5 Vilnius (OG)

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