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A New Kind of Next Gen: Free-to-Play, Console and The Future of Games


Don Daglow (Daglow Entertainment)

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We are at war with ourselves. Indie free-to-play developers proclaim in interviews that they’re the front line of innovation in games and that they’re making money without big publishers, but scroll down the page and you see comments like “Your money will do you no good in Hell!” The PS4 and Xbox One are selling even better than expected, but skeptics declare that this is the last generation of consoles any of us will ever see. For years many of us made a living on consoles, but in the mid 2000’s the hardware transition stumbled and we saw layoff after layoff, with independent studios decimated around the world. Then social games exploded in popularity and new publishers and developers emerged, before that category fell back and the same rounds of layoffs took place. Now mobile is the face that launched a thousand ships, but how will these new platforms and genres escape running aground on rocky shores? Don Daglow has worked on projects for every generation of video game consoles, from the Intellivision in 1980 to the PS4 in 2014. He has designed and produced MMO’s, mobile games and social games, under every business model from Free to Play to Pay-per-Hour to Packaged Goods. Don says he sees great promise in this shifting world, and he thinks that we can each bring out that promise in ourselves. In this talk he’ll share what console can learn from FTP, what mobile can learn from console, and how to navigate confidently in these uncertain seas. You’ll gain new ways to look at platforms, new ways to think of business models, and an approach that focuses on the experience of Games.
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We are here to build games, to entertain people. But how do we do this when the very ground beneath our feet keeps shaking?

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