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Managing Team Energy vs. Time


Harald Riegler (Sproing)

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<p>In the games industry, and very often in general management, there is a focus on managing the time and effective use of a team. In particular, there is a focus about managing time and efficiency of yourself using various approaches of managing tasks, priorities and urgencies. However recent research additionally points to the importance of spending conscious efforts on managing energy levels. "Energy" in this context meaning the mental will and actual ability of an individual to 'do certain things', and not an esoteric concept of "energy".</p> <p>The presentation will summarize interesting research in this field and provide real-world examples on how team leaders can use and manage the energy of their teams more efficiently to get better results. Topic examples are how energy curves evolve over a day, what to do when, how to create more absolute energy and how to renew it, what kind of people are what kind of energy-types, and basic insights on different states of the human brain. Individuals will be provided with an overview of methodologies to manage their personal energy better.</p>
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I believe this will be interesting both for team individuals as well as team leaders.

Learn how to conciously manage your energy levels over time as an individual. Learn how to maximize the energy of your team as a team leader.

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R2 Asgabat 1 (EG)

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