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Live long and prosper - Why resilience matters in Game Industry


Johanna Schober (Sproing)

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The games industry has to deal with a lot of unpredictability. This can be very taxing for individuals and teams, and it results often in a constant brain drain from the industry towards other industries that offer more security. While much has been published and discussed about project management and software development methodology that mitigates unpredictability, I aim to look at another aspect of this: resilience. Resilience is the ability of individuals and organizations that allows them to overcome situations of crisis or hardship. Research shows that this ability can be trained also at an advanced age, and that organizations can devise strategies to foster their resilience. In more general terms, the term resilience is also discussed in connection with how people can maintain their health throughout a stressful and long professional life. While this seems as a remote problem for games industry today, I think it does become relevant now that industry veterans slowly reach retirement age and having school kids is no curiosity any more – especially given the constant demand for experienced staff. The talk will give an overview on resilience research and what individuals and organizations can do to become hardier in times of crisis, in order to enjoy a long and prosper life in game development. (Lastly, resilience is also an upcoming management buzzword. So this talk might get you through your next dinner party.)
Audience adressed: 
Managers interested in how they can foster resilience in their organizations as well as individuals wondering whether and how they will be able to grow old within the games industry. Listeners on a graduate or entry level will be able to take away some insight on what it’s like to plan an industry career.

- Introduction into resilience research
- Which behavior and traits do resilient people show, and how can one develop them?
- What characteristics do resilient companies have, and how can managers contribute to the resilience of their organization?

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R6 Tallinn (OG)

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