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Latent Crisis: Managing Intercultural Teams


Christopher Schmitz (Square Enix IO-Interactive)
Benedikt Grindel (Ubisoft Blue Byte)

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• Ubisoft Blue Byte was growing from 25 people 6 years ago to now over 300 as of today. Our teams from all over the world are now often comprised of many different nations as talent is moving around the globe quickly to work on the most interesting projects. These multi-cultural teams often suffer from a clash of cultures caused by the different social paradigms and communications styles. Communication conflicts caused by cultural misunderstandings can often result in severe consequences. We had to learn how to tackle this new dimension of conflicts within our teams at Blue Byte in Düsseldorf and in Mainz. We will show why different cultural paradigms tend to cause massive conflicts if not understood and managed well and how to overcome these problems. This is our story how we did that, sharing the best practices in managing intercultural teams based on current scientific research and long years of experience managing a studio comprised of more than 25 different nations.
Audience adressed: 
Anybody in game development working in intercultural teams.

Awareness and methods about cultural differences and how to overcome and deal with these.

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R2 Asgabat 1 (EG)

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