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Klaas Kersting (Flaregames) in a Fireside-Chat with Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)


Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)
Klaas Kersting (Flaregames)

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<p>The two veterans Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames) and Klaas Kersting (Flaregames) in a fireside chat talking about the state of the mobile market: - Is the Ecosystem of the AppStore and Google play still healthy? Or is everything a hit driven market? - Can you still join the mobile games market as youngster or indie? - How can you survive and compete against the powerhouses of King, Supercell, EA and a like? - What is the future of the mobile games market? Where is the market heading to? - How can you finance a mobile studio nowadays? The investments and budgets are growing year on year so how can you finance those projects and marketing? - Publishers in the mobile games business? Is there a need for them and if so what should they do for you as a developer? - Beyond Mobile – more and more mobile games are coming to TVs, Consoles and PC. How can you as a game developer participate in the huge non-mobile games market? - What is the secret sauce? Or do you only need pure luck?</p>
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Of course also the audience can participate in the discussion so that everyone can get the best insides of the market from one of the two biggest mobile game studios
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Biz Development
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R0 Moskau1 (OG)

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