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Indie development in Europe - hot or not?


André Bernhardt (Indie Advisor)
James Brooksby (Born Ready Games)
Johannes Roth (Mimimi Productions)
Jana Reinhardt (Rat King)
Wolf Lang (THREAKS)

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We got 4 great panelists from the UK and Germany to to talk about indie development. We will also show some trailers in the beginning to wake you up! Things we we would like to discuss if we got enough time: marketing, business models, financing, metrics, tech, tax incentives, etc..... And if there is still any time left we will also open up for the audience. You can also virtually join the discussion by looking at the twitter wall here: or tweeting with hash-tags #qvconf + #indie!
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Small-sized developers, indie developers in spe, people interested in the evolution of the indie scene, people from all-over the games industry and beyond...

Indie development will be here to stay!

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R5 Vilnius (OG)

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