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The importance of luck


Hendrik Lesser (remote control productions)
Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)
Dr. Florian Stadlbauer (Deck13 Interactive GmbH)

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What role is luck playing in a game's success or failure? Hendrik will try to give an answer to this fundamental question and will talk about "The importance of luck" - why passion and hard work in game development is important but luck even more. Good luck is always an important part of a success story while bad luck will always be there, if a product is failing. One just can not and should not discount it. While lecturing on this, Hendrik is covering all aspects of game development and game publishing, anything that needs some luck, to be really great. It starts with luck having the right idea goes to luck findig the right people for your team and ends with luck after the release of your game. After all, Hendrik will shed light on the key question: How to take advantage of your luck in the best possible way.
Audience adressed: 
Everybody who is interested in game development and game publishing. This is an inspirational talk and thus it's going to be interesting for all experience levels. As this talk consists of game development, biz dev, marketing and production elements, finding the right "track" is nearly impossible. So I've chosen "culture"... please feel free to switch it to biz if necessary.

The audience will learn about the importance of luck in making and selling games, how to take advantage of your luck and how to learn from bad luck. Though it's not possible to manipulate luck, one can still increase the probability of having luck in almost any phase of game development and publishing.

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R2 Moskau2 (OG)

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