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How to start your story (16:30-18:15)


Wolfgang Walk (Grumpy Old Men)
Falko Löffler (Freelance Writer)

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<p>The panel will discuss how to get from game concept and game mechanics to the background story supporting the game. Falko Löffler will explain the classical approach: how do you handle plot in a certain game genre or in conjunction with certain game mechanics. How do you define a theme and a flair that you want to communicate, how do story and game design interact to create a unique experience. Plot, story lines and drama come first - the characters are designed to support the story in the best possible way. Wolfgang Walk will offer a character-centered angle: Every game with its mechanics and setting has all ingredients to be a character of its own – and the game’s character should be supported by a matching story. Thus the author should understand the story as a character as well. Understanding this character in all its angles, conflict and inherent contradictions will lead to a deeper understanding of the kind of story the game really needs. After a short introduction of their respective approaches the audience will have the chance to throw basic game designs and settings at Löffler/Walk and watch them developing story ideas in real time: building them, ripping them apart and discussing strengths &amp; weaknesses of their approaches. This Workshops needs no registration!</p>
Audience adressed: 
story artists, game designers, producers, level artists

This session offers two experienced writers discussing different storytelling approaches. Participants can not only get an insight on the ups and downs of the two methods. They also have the chance to ask questions about their own stories, thus getting deeper looks into their tasks due to the answers coming from two different angles.

The arguments are also guaranteed to become highly entertaining.

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R3 Sputnik 2 (UG)

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