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How to rock 3D mobile gaming for almost a decade, lose it all and reboot on next-gen


Michael Schade (ROCKFISH Games )

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<p>As CEO &amp; Co-Founder of FISHLABS Entertainment, makers of the critically acclaimed sci-fi gaming series Galaxy on Fire™ and the extremely successful mobile brand games series Volkswagen Challenge, Michael has been spearheading 3D mobile gaming for almost ten years. Last year, however, Michael and his co-founder Christian Lohr went through rough waters, struggling to secure funding to make the transition from paid to F2P mobile games, consequently filing for insolvency and eventually being squeezed out in a hostile takeover by Koch Media. What seemed to be the worst case scenario turnout to be a lifetime opportunity for the two long-term entrepreneurs to start a new indie studio from scratch after they secured a contract work deal to develop a completely new action title on next-gen (no further information will be provided here, whatsoever). Michael will share some of the highs and lows of this rollercoaster ride and give some advise how to deal with OEMs, publishers, media, investors, potential buyers, technology and last but not least who to deal with the team to make it even through the darkest moments as a studio owner.</p>
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Anyone who is interested in probably one of the most “exciting” journeys of a studio that has always been ahead of the curve until things went south within only a few months…

As cheesy as it sounds: They can take away your studio, your IP, your tech, your team but not your reputation and not your network. Just expect the unexpected and realize for every door that closes another one opens. Be ready to let go when it is about time and move on to your next adventure.

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Biz Development
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R0 Moskau1 (OG)

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