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How to fund your Game - The new Creative Europe Programme and Medienboard Berlin


Uta Eberhardt (Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg)
Ina Göring (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH)
André Blechschmidt (Filmtank GmbH)

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There are various funding opportunities available for the development of computer games on regional, national and even European level. Interested game developers, producers and publishers are invited to pick up information on support schemes offered by the European Union as well as the fund of Berlin-Brandenburg, the Medienboard. In 2014 the new Creative Europe Programme has set up a new funding scheme for the development of video game concepts or projects with a high international market potential. The new support scheme has an annual budget of 2.5 million euro and, unlike in previous European funding programmes, video games receive support as stand-alone cultural products. The Medienboard has funded computer game development and production since 2006 and offers ideal conditions for the whole sector, including a number of networking events and conferences. The funding program for Innovative Audiovisual Content encourages the expansion of digital productions in the capital region with 1 million Euro annually: including also apps, interactive and transmedia content.

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André Blechschmidt
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Biz Development
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R6 Tallinn (OG)

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