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Games As A Service: How Free to Play Design Can Make Better Games


Oscar Clark (Applifier)

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The rise of free to play monetization models has led to a global games industry gold rush. Going free was once laughed at by the money men; but now they have seen its effect they have helped accelerate game development to exploit the model. But that's backfired. Despite unparalleled success for a small number of studios, too many have failed and too many have made games which leave players and other developers seething about the corruption of our medium. There is another way. The problem is that Free To Play answers the wrong question. Its not about the money; its about the service we offer. Games As A Service is a more profound change to every aspect of the design, development and discovery of a game; where success is measured by the long term delight of players.
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Suitable for all (includes production, design and business insights)

In this presentation Oscar Clark, Author of Games As A Service and Everyplay Evangelist will share lessons & mistakes learnt over the last 15 years working on Games As A Service from dial-up modem based Quake, the early 3G multiplayer games to PlayStation Home. He will demonstrate that its time we return to building games to delight our audience. To do that we have to learn from ‘Lean’ development strategies and build a sustainable industry.
Going Free Isn’t Enough - Are you Ready For The Challenge of Games As A Service?

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Biz Development
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R2 Moskau2 (OG)

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