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FIFA From the inside: through a console generation


Sebastian Enrique (Electronic Arts)

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<p>Football is the most popular sport in the world, and EA SPORTS FIFA is the most popular sports video game. It allows fans to get immersed and to continue enjoying their passion for football like no other game. But, 8 years ago, right when transitioning from Xbox to Xbox 360 and PS2 to PS3, FIFA was criticized for a lack of quality, innovation and authenticity. In this talk, the vision, process, and steps that were taken year on year to turn that criticism into universal acclaims, exponential growth, and leadership in technology and entertainment innovation are explained: 8 years of FIFA development over a generation of consoles, leading to the new PS4 and Xbox One platforms</p>
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Every game developer who wants to have some insights into AAA development and how a huge franchise is approached year on year.

An inspiring and motivational talk about reaching success and keeping doing it.

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