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Enforcing Fun - How to design a Combat Director


Andre Beccu (Blazing Badger GmbH)
Sascha Wagentrotz (Blazing Badger GmbH)
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One half of the players are dying in stunlock, the others are button mashing to victory? The average gamer is bringing a knife to a gun fight, but the upper 10% are wallowing in ammo? In this session we will demonstrate how to design an AI director that virtually guarantees your game's balancing to remain right where you want it, no matter the circumstances.
Audience adressed: 
Primarily aimed at Technical Game Designers, Gameplay Programmers, Creative Producers Also interesting for Environment Artists, Animators, QA

How do you isolate undesirable balancing pitfalls that emerge during playtime?
How do you formulate what you want your optimal game situation to look like?
How do you precisely tailor a combat director to facilitate just that type of situation?

Session Type: 
Game Design / Story
Experience level adressed: 
R3 Sputnik 2 (UG)

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