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A Documentary Future For Games


Shalev Moran (independent)

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<p>Many games deal with real issues and tell stories based on reality. But no matter how close we get to current events in some of the games being made today, we still hesitate to define them as documentaries, in the same way we define documentary cinema and television. And rightly so - because while a game may act as a testimony to real life, it is not a document of real life. Games are never recorded - they are designed, a work of fiction by any narrative standard. All this is now changing, as new technologies are developed that can record not only images and sound but also environments, systems and behaviour - the materials of a game are closer than ever to being automatically captured and digitally recreated. In this talk we will discuss how some of these tools bear the potential to allow the creation of proper documentary games. This ability can revolutionize not only our perception of the games medium, but also our perception of the documentary genre - and create a whole new industry on the crossroads between the two.</p>
Audience adressed: 
designers, gamers, researchers, journalists, technologists.

a new perspective on:
* games dealing with current events and 'real life'
* the potential of a few new technologies for game design

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R4 Bischkek (EG)

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