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Dissecting Puzzle & Dragons Monetization


Teut Weidemann (Online Entertainment)

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<p>After the very successful "Dissecting World of Tanks" talk of Teut Weidemann he will now dissect Puzzle &amp; Dragons (PaD), which is the best monetizing mobile game on earth making well over $4m per day. In this session we will dissect the game and see how and why they monetize. The mechanics and game systems will be analyzed and verified why their monetization is closely tied into the game design. We will also see how their game is largely expandable horizontally and vertically and why this is important for the product.</p>
Audience adressed: 
Anyone interested in f2p and why Puzzle & Dragons is the best monetizing game on earth.

The monetization of PaD is very specific, not aggressive or offensive. This session will shed light on how it is done. The audience will also learn why the specific game mechanics are so important for PaD's success.

Session Type: 
Biz Development
Experience level adressed: 
R2 Asgabat 1 (EG)

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