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DevOps people are Superheroes (and derive some of their superpowers from Google Cloud Platform) | Presented by BIU.Dev


Jens Bussmann (Google)
Hans-Ulrich Sesselmann (Koch Media GmbH / Deep Silver Fishlabs)
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Intro to Google Cloud Platform & how it helps to build modern architectures for games in the cloud. Uli will walk you through how a few heroes need to look after the "life" of 100,000s to millions of players. With the example of Galaxy on Fire: Alliances, he shows how "normal" DevOps people with limited resources can rise to that challenge by gaining superpowers through the right choice of their (cloud) platform. Outlining the evaluation process of using “normal means” vs. making good use of the newly acquired superpowers? How did the heroes shine by applying these powers in situations of high scalability demand? How to make sure to keep them under control & to not abuse them (optimizing for costs)?
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Code / Platforms / Tools
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R3 Sputnik 2 (UG)

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