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Developing Cross-Platform Mobile MMOs - Architectures and Processes | Presented by BIU.Dev


Dr. Jendrik Johannes (InnoGames GmbH)
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We take a closer look at different aspects of cross-platform mobile game development on the example of the MMO Tribal Wars 2. Starting from the technology decisions for the mobile versions, over building up a team and process to develop and maintain different versions of the game in parallel, the launch of the game on different platforms, up to the continuous development on the live game. Based on the experiences gained, we discuss alternative software architectures and processes.
Audience adressed: 
While this session includes discussion about technologies, tools and frameworks, I will not go into technical details (you won't see any code). Therefore, this talk is not only for game developers, but also for project managers, producers, product managers, game designers and anyone else who is involved in setting up or coordinating projects that cope with multiple platforms and technologies.

This session will help you to answer questions for cross-platform mobile game development, such as: Which technologies and architectures do I use to share knowledge and code across platforms? How do I organize my team to develop for multiple platforms in parallel? How do I prototype and test new features quickly in a cross-platform setting? How does a cross-platform release process work for a game that is continuing to be under development for years? Which influence do platform providers such as Apple and Google have on my development and release process?

Session Type: 
Code / Platforms / Tools
Experience level adressed: 
R3 Sputnik 2 (UG)

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