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Developing a Cross-Platform Game with Java and HTML5


Josep Prat (GameDuell GmbH)

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<p>Do you want to create a cross-platform game and you don't want to die developing for different native platforms? In this session you will learn how to build a successful game that runs on any device taking advantage of the cross-platform capabilities of HTML 5. GameDuell’s HTML5 Game Architect Josep Prat will deliver a bottom-up journey from the backend strategies backed up by Java, to the architectural design of the HTML 5 client. Starting by defining what is true cross-platform architecture he will proceed to discuss the available technologies and their advantages and restrictions. From websockets, over long polling, CSS 3 transformations to protocols different aspects of an efficient and lean development process will be introduced by him. Josep will also explain how to structure a cross-platform project in the correct layers and conclude his talk with a live demo of a GameDuell prototype to showcase an efficient approach for a hands-on usage in efficient development projects.</p>
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Game Developers, Project Owners, Architects and everbody interested in cross-platform development

You will learn how to design a cross-platform infrastructure from the outset and gain insight about which HTML 5 technologies are useful when applying them to a casual game experience. This talk will tackle the specific problems developers face when developing for cross-platform and deliver practical solutions for a range of issues from client infrastructure to project layers.

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R6 Tallinn (OG)

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