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The Dead is Rising Again! or: The Specifics of the German Rating System


Prof. Markus Wiemker (media Akademie - Hochschule Stuttgart (mAHS), University of Applied Sciences )

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<p>Regular there are popular, sometimes commercially also very successful games, which are the focus of a critical discussion about possible harmful content for minors in digital games. These games are often used as examples for the negative impact of the gaming industry, such as in the case of Dead Rising 3 the gross depiction of violent executions or in The Binding of Isaac the debate about controversial religious content. This speech will therefore discuss in general the logic of the various classification processes of the dominant rating systems (like ESRB, PEGI or CERO), their underlying cultural norms and values and in particular the specifics of the German system (represented by the USK, BPjM and FSM) like the banning of games which contains swastikas or extreme violence.</p>
Audience adressed: 
Game Designer & producer.

- The important role of game rating (costs & values)
- Knowledge of the underlying different cultural norms and values
- Deeper understanding of the rating systems...

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R5 Vilnius (OG)

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