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Creating an engaging serious game about the value of tolerance and civil courage


Michael Geidel (MiriquidiFilm)
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Serious Games are being introduced widely. Still there are only few that are fun to play. Our game boldly attempts to create a “Chocolate covered brokkoli” – the sweet spot between fun and education. It connects an award winning 3D film with latest game technology both in the classroom and on the street using Mixed Reality and Google Glass. Based on the true story of a famous Holocaust survivor, players learn in this Transmedia project about the importance of tolerance and friendship.
Audience adressed: 
Game Designers, Storyworld Builders and Game Producers

Attendees will gain knowledge on how to get a serious game off the ground as part of a transmedia project from games design and producing perspective and how we approached it to be both engaging, fun to play and at the same time educative. They will also gain an understanding on how serious games are developed to match the needs of the educational sector in Germany and other countries, as we have an international distribution approach.

Session Type: 
Culture / Science / Education
Experience level adressed: 
R2 Asgabat 1 (EG)

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