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The changing design requirements of casual, FTP and mobile games


Bob Bates (Independent Consultant)

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<p>Remember&nbsp;fun?&nbsp; Designers used to think about fun all the time.&nbsp; Now we worry about things like Monetization,&nbsp;ARPU,&nbsp;Virality, A/B testing, and how to be more visible on the App Store.</p> <p>But fun must still be at the&nbsp;heart&nbsp;of our designs.&nbsp; In today’s language, we say that different kinds of fun leads to Engagement, which leads to Retention, which in turn is the&nbsp;key&nbsp;to making money after all.</p> <p>This talk focuses on&nbsp;practical&nbsp;ways to encourage your players to&nbsp;enjoy<strong> </strong>your game and to keep coming back&nbsp;– day after day, week after week, and month after month.</p>
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Game Designers

How to keep people playing your FTP game

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Game Design
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