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Can and will gaze integration improve gaming performance and experience?


Daniel Trifonov (myGaze)
Martin Dechant (SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH )

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Can and will gaze integration improve gaming performance and experience? Introduction to the Topic: - Sensors in digital games (e.g. Kinect) - What is eye tracking? How does it work? - How can I use it for my project? Examples for useCases for gazeData: - Usability - Communication assistance / Interaction tool for people with physical or mental disabilities - Active gaze-based interaction - Passive gaze-based interaction Description: For ages we’ve been using mice, keyboards and controllers to interact with the digital games. The last console generation added motion and voice control to the interaction tools repertoire. All these mechanisms however can capture only the active commands of the gamers. Regardless of whether it’s a traditional gamepad or a voice or motion controller – it always registers solely conscious triggers. Unconscious cognitive processes are not used at all. Yet, don’t they offer a new exciting kind of interaction? Eye tracking can, among other things, enable such unconscious interaction with the game by capturing the eye movements of the player. But what exactly is eye tracking, and how does it work? This talk will provide insight into various application areas and opportunities offered by eye tracking, especially in the field of digital game development. Besides the well known use in usability studies, the talk will present several use cases of eye tracking as an interaction mechanism for different digital games.
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• Game Designer • Game Developer • Gamer • Usability Engineer

What is gaze control in gaming valuable for / what not
How to approach game development and design - tips, best practices and examples from early adopters
Which genres submit themselves to such modality best and how to get started
Basic to bear in mind about the cost, penetration, addressable market and economics related to eye tracking

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R6 Tallinn (OG)

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