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Bucking the Trend


Chris Taylor (Wargaming)

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<p>In the games industry today, there’s a strong gravitational pull to create games that copy the best-selling games on the market.&nbsp; The force is not only strong, it can be overwhelming, especially when trying to sell ideas to publishers and investors who are looking to make a return on investment.&nbsp; Chris talks about this, and presents his own thoughts on how game creators can resist this force and break out to create stuff that fuels the body and soul, and hopefully makes a few bucks too.&nbsp; Chris will hopefully inspire and entertain, as he’s always got a story or two to share, and ultimately give everyone who attends something to think about while they create the next big thing.</p>
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This talk is for those who are just getting into the business and for those who enjoy hearing crazy people talk about their experiences.

The goal is have everyone truly energized about following their passion and singular vision.

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