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The Board Game Renaissance: Buried Treasure and Chainsaw Warriors


Dr. Tomas Rawlings (Auroch Digital)

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<p>With over 370 apps per day now being released, how can an indie developer stand out from the crowd? One approach is to re-invigorate an older IP, which is the route taken by Auroch Digital who recently relaunched Games Workshop's classic 1987 solo-boardgame 'Chainsaw Warrior' on mobile and PC. The games producer and designer, Tomas Rawlings, will talk though the process of going from dead tree to pixel, what they learned from the process, what of the classic game was kept and chat was changed during the conversion process, how they worked with the IP holder and what their future plans are. He will also talk more generally about the strategy behind this decision of seeking buried treasure in the form of older IP and more specifically about ones that can, with a bit of polish, be made to shine. He will also discuss how other developers can see their own gaming gold.</p>
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Indie developers, hardcore gamers, producers and developers interested in new trends, retrogamers, IP holders.

That boardgames are growing as a gaming trend.
That working in partnership with a good IP holders can help indies get known.

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R2 Moskau2 (OG)

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