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Big fish, small pond: Strategies for surviving in a maturing market


Ed Biden (Wooga)
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Mobile games have never been more competitive. Production values and marketing costs are ever increasing and the top grossing charts look strangely similar to the year before. So how can developers maximize their chances of success in such a tough market? Is it better to clone a hit or innovative wildly? Should they focus on one genre, or dabble in many? Ed draws on extensive market analysis and experience developing games to explain why selective innovation is the key to success.
Audience adressed: 
CEOs, Product Leads, Game Designers, Product Managers

Understanding the mobile games market as it matures
Predictable trends for the future
Viable strategies for developers to pursue in these conditions
Practical advice for maximizing the chances of creating a successful game

Session Type: 
Game Design / Story
Experience level adressed: 
R4 Bischkek (EG)

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