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Beyond Agile - Project Management in Modern Game Development | Presented by BIU.Dev


Ralf C. Adam (TigerTeam Productions)
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Most development teams in the game industry claim to use “Agile” when it gets to project management methods. But what exactly is meant with this term? Is it yet another buzz word? Are SCRUM and “Agile” the same? And is “Agile” in itself a method at all? In his talk Ralf will give an overview on different project management methods, ideas and philosophies. He will explain the differences and similarities behind methods usually referred to as Agile, SCRUM, ScrumBut, Lean or XP – and if there’s maybe more. Ralf will also show common pitfalls and traps when following certain hypes and why game development is a different kind of a beast compared to the traditional IT industry.
Audience adressed: 
Studio Heads, Leads, Project Manager, Producer Furthermore: anybody interested and involved in project management – and, yes that means usually every team member

- Overview on different modern project management approaches in the gaming Industry
- Clarification on common rumours and misunderstandings
- Typical pitfalls and traps when using certain methods (unthoughtful)
- Best Practices on what has worked for which kind of team – and what hasn’t
- Thoughts on project management methods vs. team size and culture

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Experience level adressed: 
R3 Sputnik 2 (UG)

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