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Attack of the Clones: Why Copying A Game Concept Ends Up Costing You More


Fredrik Wester (Paradox Interactive)
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More and more companies are trying to find success by emulating the ideas and methods of others. The path to true success, however, lies in daring to stand out, following your craziest ideas, and incorporating them into every facet of your game. Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, will explain the business advantages of originality, how to find and express your vision, and why passion is unclonable, based on his experiences leading Paradox through a decade of independent success.
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This talk is intended for designers, developers, and publishers, particularly those with limited resources or small teams who are ready to break new creative ground on any platform.

Attendees will learn why it’s more economical to follow your passion (instead of cloning a game) and why authenticity leads to success. In addition, Fred will discuss how developers can define their vision, how to leverage that vision into compelling promises to consumers and use it to differentiate yourself, and how to effectively take feedback from your community.

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