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Artificial Way Systems in 3D Isometric Games like Drakensang – Online


Florian Busse (Freelancer - Tutor in Level Design and 3D Environment Modeling)
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Contrary to the movies, pathfinding systems within a gaming world are „real“. They play a fundamental role in a games structure and thus make it worth taking a closer look. Level Design in "Drakensang – Online” a 3D Isometric Game, with a own World in the backround, are more than enabling a player to simply move from A to B. They map the players journey and shape the experience and story the player takes through a game. Simple problems are e.g. hiding objects by other objects and the readability of silhouettes from top to bottom with cutting highs.These sessions offer to give a broader understanding of such waysystems and identify the strong connections needed between gameplay and story in order to create a natural guiding system for the player.
Audience adressed: 
Everyone who is involved and or interested in the creation and designing of levels, story telling and player pathfinding. Other areas of intersest will include a working point of view from the perspective of a Level and Game Designer, Environment Artist, Sound-Designer and Author.

All participants of this lecture will gain a greater understanding of the following practices: Teamwork, Game and Narrative Design, as well as learning and indentifying the relevances of how these different fields work together in order to meet the increasing criteria in modern day game development.

Session Type: 
Game Design / Story
Experience level adressed: 
R7 Riga (OG)

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