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Adventures in Reloading a classic


Jonathan Lindsay (Bigpoint)

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Although vital to any growth hungry games company, new game develop is fraught with risk, with many new games struggling to meet initial expectations. We all know this, as the industry is very much ‘hit driven’. But another avenue for growth for a company like Bigpoint is their back catalogue of hits, commonly known as ‘live games’. Jonathan will shed light on the concrete steps needed to renew your existing live games, regardless of what platform they are on, using primarily the example of remaking Dark Orbit into Dark Orbit: Reloaded and also from his current project: Drakensang Online.
Audience adressed: 
Upper studio management, producers, lead game designers

Define a solid vision for your game in the most collaborative way possible, then ensure that the right team, culture and processes are in place in order to be able to implement that vision. Everything else is secondary.

Session Type: 
Biz Development
Experience level adressed: 
R2 Asgabat 1 (EG)

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