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The 5 Mortal Sins of Launching an Online Game


Michalina Kiera (SoftLayer, an IBM Company)
Jendrik Pösche (kuuluu interactive entertainment AG)

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<p>Developing and launching a game in general is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, a lot of people, a lot of planning and a lot of assumptions. On top of those operational challenges, the social gaming market is a jungle where “survival of the fittest” is a very real. An army of genius developers, the most stunning design, super-engaging game idea and striking strategy are not enough. If the hosting infrastructure behind the game fails, fans don’t get the experience they expect and walk away. Learn from the stories of some of the most creative and successful gaming studios how to sidestep the common landmines of bringing your online game to the top.</p>
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R4 Bischkek (EG)

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