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1 Team, 10 time zones – Distributed Development


Julian Mautner (stillalive studios GmbH)
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stillalive studios is a distributed team, which spreads over 7 countries and 10 time zones. Establishing proper workflows and finding robust solution for every-day’s problems is crucial to make such an endeavor work. Julian Mautner, the leader and founder of stillalive studios, will share his experience about distributed development and talk in detail about team communication, structure, development workflows, production tools and learned lessons.
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Everyone who is interested in hearing about distributed development, or even planning to setup such a team. Especially though team leaders and project managers of distributed teams to benefit from the experience of a working setup, or also experienced leads in general as some of the presented workflows and solutions also apply for non-distributed teams.

Attendees should get a good insight into the workflows and team structure of stillalive studios, and thus of a working distributed development environment. They’ll learn about why things are setup as they are, what useful tools can be used, interesting approaches and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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R6 Tallinn (OG)

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