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Zac Bowling


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Zac Bowling is a Senior Platform Engineer at Apportable, joining the company early on in 2011 to bring Objective-C to Android. For the last 15 years he has focused on purely on the evolving mobile space, building out the platforms and products for industry leaders like Texas Instruments, doubleTwist, and In his free time, he has participated in over 117 hackathons and placed and won in more than half of them. In April 2012, he was featured in Wired Magazine, where they followed him as he attended his 80th hackathon. Zac is also know in the open source community for being a contributor and maintainer on the open source Growl, Mono, and Chameleon projects.


“Objective-C for Android” - Apportable’s cross-compiler allows developers to write native Objective-C/C++ and release on the same codebase for both iOS and Android. With the Apportable SDK, our clients drastically reduce time to market, leverage existing iOS developers, and iterate quickly and simultaneously for both platforms.

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