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Yasuhiro Wada is the CEO of Toybox Inc. and the father of the Harvest Moon series. With over twenty years in the video games industry he started his career in 1991 at Pack in Video as producer. After changing to Victor Interactive Software in 1997 (later Marvelous Interactive, 2005) as producer, he created the long-running Harvest Moon series. With a short stop at Grashopper Manufacture in 2009 he founded his own studio Toybox in 2011. Wada-San is well-known for letting events from his life influence the design of the game he is working on. Since he grew up on a farm, it was only a small step to Harvest Moon. The lovely farm simulation combines cute animals, an easy to pick up simulation part and such essential elements as love and friendship. The first Harvest Moon game was published for the Super Nintendo in 1996 and became an instant success. Until today the series has grown to a family of more than twenty games with over 6 million copies sold. Other successful games made by Wada-San are for example No more Heroes, Deadly Premonition and the Rune Factory series. His latest game Hometown Story (by Toybox) brings him back to the roots with the Harvest Moon-like gameplay. The player inherits a local shop in a small town from his grandma, rebuilds it and has to mingle with the quirky inhabitants to make the business flourish.



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