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Wright is a designer and entrepreneur with a deep passion for building products that enable everyone’s skill and creativity to shine. He found his passion for game design and fascination with game platforms after getting hooked on the Quake mod scene, back in 1996. Since then, Wright has worked at Cavedog, Valve, EA, and Zynga. He was previously design director of Farmville 2 at Zynga, creative director of Dead Space 2 at EA, and led design teams on numerous James Bond titles at EA. As co-founder and CEO of Outpost Games, Wright has set out on a mission to turn every gamer into a performer, every game into a stage, and to fundamentally change how people perceive the games business.

Outpost Games

Outpost Games was formed in 2014 with the mission to make games as fun to watch as they are to play. To do that, we&;re building a platform that turns every player into a performer and gives them a live, interactive audience. We&;re giving every player the thrill of being in the spotlight, and every audience member the ability to participate in play. The company was founded by gaming veterans from Electronic Arts and Zynga, and has raised over $19M from Benchmark, Time Warner, Virgin, Advancit, and Shanda Group.

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