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Wilhelm Österberg

Black Anvil Games

Head of Studio

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At the age of 5 Wilhelm started playing RPGs, designed his first own boardgame at 8 and at the age of 11 he programmed on an Amiga 500. That passion for games of all kinds always stuck: he holds a Masters Degree in media technology, worked at DICE Stockholm and ran Swedish Game Awards, Sweden’s now largest game development competition. After working on one of EA’s first Free2Play games ‘Battlefield Heroes’ he joined Wooga in 2010 to become product lead of one of the company's most successful hits ‘Monster World’. Today he leads Black Anvil Games, Wooga’s offshoot studio focussing on creating core mobile games, with its first title Warlords to be launched this summer.

Black Anvil Games

Black Anvil Games is a new studio focused completely on creating core mobile games. Established as an offshoot studio from Wooga, Black Anvil Games is situated within the office of the Berlin based mobile games developer. Its close proximity allows it to leverage Wooga’s industry expertise and strong infrastructure whilst establishing its own brand with their independent development  and community teams.

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