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Vladimir Zivkovic

Eipix Entertaiment

Game developer/ CCO

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As a passionate gamer i wanted to work on video games from my teenage years. I found myself as a 3d generalist working on various projects. In 2010 i started working on a Hidden Object adventure game working with a small team that now has over 70 project launched and many more in the works. Currently the CCO of Eipix entertainment and a Producer on an upcoming free to play project.

Eipix Entertaiment

Eipix Entertainment is a game development company from Novi Sad, Serbia. With more than a decade’s worth of experience working on projects of various size and scope, Eipix has emerged as the most productive cross-platform developer of Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) games with more than 20 new titles a year, and grown to employ more than 300 people.

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